Ocoee Zipz

A Flying Tour of The Land Of OZ! (For a Video Tour see this YouTube video!)

The Cowardly Lion Welcome to Ocoee Zipz first Zip Line, The Cowardly Lion. If this is your first time, don’t worry, we’ll show you the ropes and get you off to a great start. Your guides will thoroughly review all safety issues and techniques and you’ll learn how to slow yourself down. You may start out feeling a little cowardly, but you’ll end up a lion. You’ll have the courage for the next adventure!

Dorothy Ready for the first Big Bounce? Now that you’re a bit more comfortable with the idea of a zip line, kick off on the Dorothy line with a big bounce. It’s optional, but you’ll race along the Ocoee River through the forest canopy. The Dorothy landing connects with the Toto Tower across a swinging bridge. It’s time for a picture or two!

Toto Named for that little dog Toto, this is our shortest zip line, but it’s got a bite. If you’ve got a little extra courage, zip through the trees and meet our specially designing crash pads with gusto! It’s optional to “crash”, but you’ve earned your wings.

Tin Man Now that you’re bouncing and landing with a rush, it’s time to speed things up a little bit more. The Tin Man is the fastest zip line so far and transitions between open fields and trees. Smile!

Scarecrow Closer to the ground and river, the Scarecrow line brings you closer to nature.

The Wicked Witch of the West Aptly named, this wicked zip line is our fastest with speeds up to 45 miles per hour! You can bounce, flip and go as fast as you want on the Wicked Witch—it’s all up to you. Take some advice from The Wizard: “Go for it! You’ll really feel the speed through this tunnel of trees.”

The Wizard You have now arrived at the really big event. Affectionately known as “The Wiz”, this tower has two parallel zip lines so you can race your friends when you launch side by side. From the tower, you’ll enjoy the view of the Tennessee and Georgia mountains (you can almost see North Carolina!). This is the grand finale and you’re free to race, bounce,or just scream like crazy! Test your metal on The Wiz.

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