My Adventure On The Ocoee River Zipline Tour

3 Insider Tips For The Ocoee River Zipline Tour


Who Knew Tennessee Ziplines Could Pack Such A Punch?

Ocoee Ziplining Tennessee Ziplining Ocoee Tennessee


For my very first trip to Tennessee, I couldn’t have chosen a better Ocoee activity. I came to Tennessee to see the sights, meet nice people and eat some southern BBQ. I later noticed there was a zipline near me – only a half hour from Chattanooga and a very easy day trip. When I saw the reviews for this Ocoee zipline tour, I knew I had to give it a try!


The long, lush green road up to Ocoee from Chattanooga solidified my confidence that I made the right choice booking this Tennessee zipline. We pulled up to Ocoee Zips and met the group we would be zipping with – there was an excitement in the air you could feel pulsing through your veins – some seemed apprehensive, but most were ready for an adventure.


Ocoee Zipz Ziplining transportation Ocoee Tennessee
JT, owner of Ocoee Zipz, cruises through the field of Soybeans.

Bussing up to the first zipline was an adventure in itself – taking a short bus through bumpy soy fields was almost like a rollercoaster ride. My friend and I were bouncing in our seats ready to take on the line. After we climbed the stairs and had the safety talk, we were ready to make the leap! As everyone jumped off the ledge, the emotions were a mix of excitement, thrill, and maybe a little fear. Soaring through the field after my first leap really set the mood for the next 6 ziplines – everyone was ready to have fun!


My Friend loved the tour – here is her take!


“Ziplining with Ocoee Zipz exceeded every expectation I had! Our guides were AWESOME and so fun, they made us all feel comfortable and safe and seemed to enjoy themselves as much as we were. The ziplines were strung through a variety of different settings so you got to zip through soybean fields at one point and right along the river at another point. Such a blast and absolutely freeing!”


Tennessee Ziplining Ocoee River Ziplining Near Me

If I were to do this Tennessee Zipline Tour again, I would make sure to do these 3 things:

Try Out Every Zip Line Method They Suggest To You!

Whether they tell you to bounce, spin, zip upside down, backward, or any other surprise they throw at you, give it a try! It may seem scary, but it makes the adventure that much more fun!


The Final Zipline at Ocoee Zipz Ocoee Tennessee

Make New Friends When You Are Waiting For The Next Zip!

There is time to really get to know your group in between zips – talk to the people you don’t know. We met some amazing people on the tour that we actually ended up hanging out with after we were done zipping! Adrenaline really makes for great conversation – use it to find a new friend!

Eat A Snack Before You Leave!

This may seem silly, but we recommend you eat a snack before going on this zipline tour! It is important because it is pretty hot, you are burning some serious energy, and it is HOT! You don’t want to be hungry half way through – be able to focus on the fun! Make sure you ate (but not too much) before this Ocoee River zipline tour.


Ocoee Zipz Office Location Zipline Location Ocoee Tennessee

I hope my experience has shed some light on how amazing this Tennessee zipline tour is – Happy zipping!

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